Frequently Asked Questions

Should I filter my water?

We recommend you do. Tap water is usually sterile, but can often have high levels of chlorine. We don't like the taste or effects of chlorine, so we filter it

What filter do you recommend?

Whole house filters are ideal, but there are also undersink filters and jug filters. Jugs are easiest and cheapest to buy, but whole house filters are more comprehensive and better long term

Where can I get a filter?

Filters can be purchased online or in stores with a kitchen appliance range

How do I use the Vortex Jug?

Please see our "Care Of Your Products" on the news page

What does it do?

The Vortex Jug stirs the water into a vortex and aerates the water. This changes the taste of the water and makes it more palatable and better for your digestive system

How do I use the Double Egg?

It's easy, and described in our Care Of Your Products

What does it do?

The double egg swirls the water in a whirlpool spiral, aerating it at the same time. You can see it in motion on the clear double egg product page in the shop.

How do I use the Magnetic Pen?

Simple! Just stir your cool drink with it for 20 seconds.

What does it do?

The strong magnetic field changes the taste of the drink and makes it easier to digest.