This is the classic Danish vortex water jug. Aerate and vortex your water before drinking to enhance vibrancy and taste. Two timing settings, 2L capacity.

We find that the aeration and vortexing of the water makes it easier to drink, easier on your stomach, and lighter. This is particularly recommended for families who want to drink water, but find that normally they just can't stomach it.

James, BC, Canada: I find normal water impossible to drink, but with my Vortex Jug, I can keep my intake up. Thumbs up!

Sally, Surrey, UK: My family love it! My daughter now drinks water, and even my husband has noticed the change. Thank you

Josephine, Loire, France: It's part of my daily routine now. I fill up with fresh water in the morning and let it vortex while I'm in the shower. It's ready when I'm finished and I use it for breakfast.

Vortex Water Jug

  • This jug is made from high quality Danish plastic and is guaranteed by the manufacturer against motor failure for 1 year. Please be careful not to drop it though, as the warranty doesn't cover dropping!

  • We strive for the highest quality and best service. If you find your product does not work when you receive it, let us know and we'll replace it free of charge, or refund you the full amount.