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Care of your products

Vortex Jug

· Rinse the jug out with fresh water

· Fill the jug up to the line

· Carefully screw the lid on

· Place the jug on the white rubber mat provided

· Connect the adapter to the top of the lid

· 17 minutes

· 3 minutes

· Plug the adapter into the wall, and switch it on

· The jug stops automatically.

Double Egg

· Carefully pull the two eggs apart. They might be a bit stiff the first few times. Don’t worry, they’ll loosen up.

· Fill one egg almost full with filtered or spring water.

· Reconnect the two eggs until the necks touch inside the connecting tube.

· Using one hand on each egg, swirl the egg the easiest way for you and turn it upside down.

· Watch the magic happen!

· Now swirl the other way and turn upside down again.

· Repeat this 5 times and you’re done!

Magnetic Pens

· Simply stir your cold (or cool) drinks for 30 seconds!

· Please do not use for very hot, or boiling water (over 80C).

· Other than that, as far as drinks go, the sky’s the limit. In fact, we love hearing about new drinks that you’ve tried our products out on. We know they work for wine, why don’t you try cocktails, or juices?

· Magnetic pens are made from high quality stainless steel. They do not need much care, except taking out and loving once a day.

· Please read our warning about magnets

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