Why living water?

Structured water. Vortex water. Magnetic water. What's the big deal?

Taste and health, put simply.

But there's much more to it than that. Studies show that a water vortex can lift weights that are heavier than water, can flow frictionlessly through vortical pipes, will absorb more nutrients, and cause healthier and stronger growth in plants. Why is this important to us?

Our blood is 90% water, and flows through spiral arteries and veins. It stands to reason that spiral water will help more nutrients get to where they are needed, with less friction in our arteries. A little known fact is that our heart is not strong enough to pump all our blood around all of our arteries and veins, so how are we still alive? Because blood flows almost effortlessly, due to the spiral nature of water, and the spiral nature of our blood vessels. If we interfere with this, we are heading for a heart attack.

What is structured water?

Our current reductionist scientific view of the world does not allow us to see the beauty of the larger view. By reducing water to simply H20, we miss the elegance of the structure of the water molecule. It's shaped like a boomerang! We all know how boomerangs fly - in a spiral within another spiral. And so it is with water. But it is slightly more elegant than that again. A quick highschool chemistry lesson - water molecules bind to each other, essentially holding hands. One arrangement of this is in a hexagon shape. These hexagons of water are usually temporary structures, and cannot be identified by chemical analysis.

But if you are to induce a magnetic field, you can keep these structures alive for longer than normal.

This causes consternation amongst skeptical scientists, and for good reason. It is very difficult to see structures within water, and anything they can't see or measure, doesn't exist.

There is very good evidence showing the strange properties of water, but for our purposes, taste and health are the two most important reasons for using these products.

Each of our products makes water taste better. We have people who can't stomach even filtered water, but can drink water from our products. The most common comments are that the water tastes "lighter" and "softer". I personally find that I don't feel the heavy feeling of the water sitting in my stomach. 

I trust you will find the same, and I look forward to receiving your order!